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Dones de Fang is created pursuing a clear objective: to create the first permanent hyper-realistic work for outdoors.

It is a tribute to the woman, brave, with strength and light, considering her a mainstay in society in any of its fields. A being who has had to fight, and continues to fight to get respect, recognition, and the rights that correspond to him by default.

A fight that tries to normalize what we are and want to be.

Dones de Fang collects the essence of women, in the present and in the past, rooted in the same land that has seen generation after generation grow, that unites us in the fight for a common cause, and, ultimately, the axis of this work: gender equality.

A fight initiated by those women who, although they are no longer with us, their memory is present and their light guides us.

Departing from the imposed canons of beauty, this work represents women in a natural way. For this reason, dozens of molds of real women have been used to create the set of pieces that make up Dones de Fang, so the sculptures not only represent us, but we are really part of them.

This work paves the way for a new concept of public sculpture, with a clear message of protest: facing the challenge of achieving equality with determination, courage and sisterhood, building bridges so that we can travel on the path of freedom. This will undoubtedly be the best legacy we can leave to future generations.



TECHNIQUE: Combination of classical finished sculpture + hyperrealistic outdoor sculpture

EDITION: One unit


DIMENSIONS: 180 X 210 X 110 cm

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