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"YOUR BEST VERSION". Title that always accompanies Cristina Jobs in the realization and effort in her work.

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My story

Cristina Jobs is a plastic artist who works with hyperrealist sculpture, not only from an aesthetic and technical point of view, but in a different way from the path outlined, always being on the frontier of innovation. His art focuses on sensations and visual impact on social issues, human rights and emotions, and is inspired by the ways of life through nature.

Born in Tortosa in 1985, from where she moved to Barcelona, Madrid and later Bilbao, following her artistic career, to end up settling in the Ebro Delta, in her hometown, for good.
Art has been his passion since he was a baby, although he didn't start taking it seriously until 2004 when he entered makeup artist school. He trained in realistic sculpture and character sculpture.

She began her artistic career in 2006, under her real name, Cristina Iglesias, as a special effects technician for cinema. She worked as a technician in several national and international character creation companies.
In 2009, Cristina Iglesias formed her first co-directed company, in the Basque Country, having gained extensive experience as a "Key artist" within the sector, to later continue her solo business career, creating the company ClonFactory SLU, the first FX studio , human and animal replicas for cinema in Spain, directed solely by a woman.

Her work as an artistic director can be seen in dozens of films both nationally and internationally, and has been nominated and awarded at festivals around the world.
He has been part of the 2016 Goya Award-winning team in his department, and his work was reflected in the 2016 Oscar Awards, under the nomination "Loreak". He has exhibited in countless rooms, halls and galleries, including the exhibition Guest of the XXIVth Donostia FIlm Festival (QuimeraFx).

In 2015, he created the Babyclon® brand, positioning himself as the world's leading brand in the creation of silicone baby sculptures for collectors, still today the pioneering brand in innovation of techniques and materials in this sector. She has been awarded the best silicone fantasy sculpture at the RoseShow (2016, Colorado), both by the public and by the jury.

Recently, Cristina Iglesias changed her stage name to Cristina Jobs, thus initiating a tough phase of anonymity and effort to link her stage name and her works signed under her real name.

He is currently fully dedicated to the hyperrealist art sector, leaving his profession in the cinema in the background. He signs his first collection of hyperrealistic sculptures for public spaces this year 2020 under his artistic name, in the province of Tarragona

After years of research, her work "Dones de Fang" has been the first non-ephemeral hyperrealist sculpture work for outdoors in the world, making Cristina Jobs a pioneer artist in creating this new record.


+34 679 456 803

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