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The hyper-realistic silicone sculpture manages to transmit emotion and multiple sensations to the people who contemplate it, with very positive results at the sensory level.

Currently it is an artistic facet little known by the public in Spain, mainly by the few artists who master this art.

The exhibitions carried out at the peninsular level are usually by foreign artists.
For this reason, I think it is time to demonstrate that, from here, you can create hyper-realistic sculpture, made by native artists, with the same excellence, quality and detail that we can appreciate in artists from other countries.

My work is clearly influenced by genre cinema in my early days, later evolving towards a more demanding and social style, always without losing the guiding thread of my works: the obsession to create fiction that the mind processes as reality.

I use hyperrealist sculpture as a cultural vehicle that allows transformation, generating citizen awareness. Through my sculptures, the human being contemplates and admires the world, himself and others.


The viewer is provided with a visual experience that favors the expression and communication of what they perceive, feel and think, trying to reach with art where conventional social and political approaches do not reach.

Academic training


Artistic makeup. Stick Art Studio. Barcelona


realistic sculpture. DaVinci Academy. Barcelona


Character sculpture. Truhko academy. Madrid

Further training


Masterclass by Neill Gorton. IMATS. London


Silicone sculpture. dharma studio. Madrid


Seminar “Women in Congress. Barcelona

Conferences and presentations


Silicone character creation masterclass. FIKAE. 700 attendees.


Masterclass "lifecast" for the Faculty of Fine Arts UCM


Masterclass at IES Cal·lipolis. Tarragona. 50 attendees


Participant of the round table “We export culture”. Deltebre. 90 attendees.


Lecture "The process of creation". Microfilm Festival. Plentzia. 100 attendees


Participant of the round table on entrepreneurship at the women's institute. tortosa. 30 attendees


Masterclass “Silicone painiting”. IEDTB exhibition


Presentation for the students of the IES de l'Ebre. tortosa


Lecture at the Cal·lipolis institute. tarragona

Lecture at the Gentis Foundation. amposta.

Training given


Teaching of 20 design courses and specific techniques for the creation of silicone characters within hyperrealism. 10 students per course. Duration from a week to a month.


Complete course of hyperrealistic sculpture. 10 students and duration of 1 school year


CFGS and National University teacher trainer in subjects of moulds, positive printing and realistic painting


Various painting courses on hyperrealistic sculpture in different parts of Spain and Italy. Duration of the course of 2 days. Attendees per course from 6 to 12 people.

Individual expositions


QuimeraFX: Expo Salón del Cómic. Getxo


Silicone feta meat. Ramon Calvo Room. deltebre


QuimeraFX: “Reality or fiction”. Ramon Calvo Room. deltebre


ChimeraFX: “Fact or Fiction”. Room the Crypt. Saint Sebastian.


Clonefactory Experience Mikrofilm Festival. Plentzia.


Clonefactory Experience. I LOVE GEEK. Geneva, Switzerland.


Sensory exhibition "NO VULL" in Deltebre
Exhibition "Hyperrealisme" in Sant Jaume d'Enveja


La Pedra i Hiperrealisme in the Deltart room, Deltebre
Individual exhibition La piedra collection in the Abartium gallery, Barcelona
Exhibition at the international fantastic film festival FANGOFEST, Amposta


Individual ephemeral sculpture exhibition "WHO DOESN'T CRY DOESN'T MAMA". Outside Reina Sofia museum. Madrid

Individual ephemeral sculpture exhibition "WHO DOESN'T CRY DOESN'T MAMA". Outside Deltebre town hall

collective exhibitions


Babyclon: Is it real? Rose Show Festival. Colorado. USA


Participation in many fairs and art shows in Vigo, Tarragona, Cádiz, Madrid and Valencia.


Babyclon: Is it real? Baby Doll Show. Madrid


Babyclon: Is it real? IEDTB exhibition. Moscow, Russia.


Contemporary exhibition of painting, photography and sculpture, Abartium gallery, Barcelona
Contemporary exhibition of painting, photography and sculpture, Abartium gallery, Barcelona
Puro Arte organized by AEPE, Madrid
V Salon of Realistic Art organized by the AEPE, Madrid


Collective exhibition at the Castle of Montesquieu organized by the Abartium gallery.
Goya 275th Anniversary of his birth organized by the AEPE, Madrid
Contemporary art exhibition ARTIST 360, Madrid
Exhibition "D'arrels en fora" in the DeltArt exhibition hall, Deltebre.
Collective online exhibition at the virtual museum MundoArti
56 Reina Sofía Prize for painting and sculpture organized by the AEPE, Madrid 
Online exhibition competition ARTE PRICE MALAMENGI ART
LAGOON ART. Venice Italy
Contemporary art fair "Discovery Art Fair 2021" on behalf of the Gaudí Gallery in Frankfurt, Germany
Exhibition "Aires del norte" organized by the Gaudí Gallery
Exhibition and presentation of the "La Piedra" collection organized by AEPE, Madrid
Exhibition "The portrait" organized by the Collective La Salita, Gijón, Asturias


Only Art organized by the AEPE, Madrid
Finalists exhibition “Sunny Art Prize” in London
57th Reina Sofía Prize for Painting and Sculpture” organized by the AEPE, Madrid 2022 Virtual exhibition at the Thomson Gallery, Switzerland
Virtual exhibition at the “Biennale Artbox Expo, Venice, Italy

Virtual exhibition at the Urbanside gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
Virtual exhibition at Lelie Galerij, Amsterdam
Contemporary art exhibition #Sidav 22, Barcelona 
Exhibition 11th Prize Lasalita, Asturias

Awards, mentions and publications


Honorable Mention with the sculpture "Baby Gorilla" at the V Salon of Realistic Art of the AEPE 
PURO ARTE Sculpture Medal for the sculpture “Baby Avatar” by the AEPE
Finalist with the sculpture "Dones de Fang" at "The Global Art Awards" Shanghai 2020.


Finalist with the sculpture “Baby Gorilla Albino” at Arte Laguna. Venice
Finalist with the sculpture "Goya en el S.XX1" at the Goya 275th Anniversary Awards. 
Publication in the magazine “MOOD The art of Today”
Mention with the "Coup de Coeur" with the sculpture "La fuerza" at the Arte Figurative 2021 awards organized by Artcertificate.
Special recognition with the works Kibubu Albino and Yo, pregnant in the XI annual “open” online art contest
Finalist with the sculpture "La Fuerza" at "The Global Art Awards" Shanghai 2021.
Second place winner with the sculpture “La fuerza” at the “American Art Awards”


Honorable Mention with the sculpture “Aliens in Deltebre” at the “Solo Arte” awards
Honorable mention with the sculpture "David killed Goliath" at the "12th Annual Figurative" awards
Fifth place winner with the work “Kibubu Albino” in the 12th Annual Animals ART Competition
Winner with the works "La fuerza, Kibubu Albino, Baby Avatar and David Mató a Goliat" at the "Artavita Awards - Spectrum Red Dot Miami"
Finalist with the “La piedra” collection at the Circle Foundation “CFA Artist of the Month” awards.
Winner for her career in prosthetic special effects and hyperrealistic replicas of the "Pont de l'infern" award at the Fangofest Festival


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